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Lancaster General Hospital
June 1997 - Present

Over the past ten years, LaSalle has been involved with a number of projects at this one million square foot facility located in South Central Pennsylvania, including the fire alarm system replacement, sprinkler system retrofits, fire pump replacement, smoke barrier analysis, smoke control system commissioning, and code consulting. Currently, LaSalle Engineering serves as Lancaster General Hospital’s Fire Protection Engineer, responsible for fire protection, fire alarm, and life safety design for all new construction and renovation projects.


Veteran’s Administration – RTKL
August 2006 - Present

LaSalle Engineering was hired by the District of Columbia office of RTKL to serve as the lead Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineer for the design of a new VA Medical Center located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. This new 800,000+ square foot complex will include a 90-bed inpatient hospital, a 120-bed Nursing Home Care Unit, an Ambulatory Care Center, Administrative and support functions, and a Warehouse facility. LaSalle Engineering is responsible for all fire protection and fire alarm systems design, smoke control systems coordination, and code consulting.


United States Military Academy Preparatory School
December 2007 – Present

LaSalle Engineering is a small business consultant to EwingCole for the design of the new Military Academy Preparatory School on the campus of the West Point Military Academy. We are responsible for all Life Safety, Fire Protection, and Fire Alarm system design.

Social Security Administration
May 2006 – September 2007

LaSalle Engineering served as the lead Fire Protection Engineer for a smoke control system analysis and testing program for a high-rise building in the City of Chicago. The building is equipped with a zoned smoke pressurization and purge system that had fallen into disrepair and had unknown performance. LaSalle Engineering, in conjunction with EwingCole investigated the system design documentation, developed a test procedure, tested the system, developed a list of recommendations for system improvements, and conducted staff training.


General Services Administration
September 2005 – December 2007

Prior to joining LaSalle Engineering, Mr. Kimmel served as the Project Manager for the renovation of the GSA Fallon Federal Office building located in Baltimore, Maryland. The project encompassed phased architectural reprogramming and engineering redesign of the low rise section of the high-rise office tower. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems were evaluated, and replaced as required to provide the building a renewed 20 year life span. Veterans Administration, Veterans Benefits Academy, DHS, IRS computer center, IRS Public Assistance Office, Cafeteria, Health Club and Child Care facilities were all provided within the final office building program.


Smithsonian Institution
August, 2002 – Present

Prior to starting his own practice Mr. LaSalle served as the Lead Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineer for the design of the Pod 5 addition to the Museum Support Center facility for the National Museum of Natural History. Since May, 2004 LaSalle Engineering has been involved with a number of Smithsonian projects, including the Museum Support Center expansion and Fire Alarm System Replacement; Fire Protection Water Supply Analysis for the Environmental Research Center; Backflow Preventer and Fire Pump installations for (9) museums; and the re-development of the MSC Pod 3 facility.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
April, 1997 – May, 2004

Prior to forming LaSalle Engineering, LLC, Mr. LaSalle was involved in a number of projects for this Philadelphia landmark, including the design of fire suppression systems for the lower level art storage areas and the design of a new state-of-the-art addressable, voice evacuation fire alarm system for the building.


Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
April, 1997 – May, 2004

Messrs. LaSalle and Kimmel were involved with the redevelopment of this iconic structure, which was home to the Miss America Paegant for over 70 years. This building is on the United State Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark and contains the Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ - the largest, loudest and most complex working musical instrument ever constructed. Mr. LaSalle served as the lead fire protection engineer for the reconstruction of the arena bowl, the installation of fire detection and suppression systems for the pipe organ chambers, and the installation of sprinkler systems in this landmark building. Mr. Kimmel served as Project Manager for these and other projects.


Alcon Laboratories
January 2000 – December 2003

Mr. LaSalle served as the lead fire protection engineer for the design of a new 120,000 vivarium and laboratory building at the U.S. headquarters for this worldwide leader in eye care products.


January 2000 – December 2003

Mr. LaSalle was involved with a number of projects for this pharmaceutical leader, most notably the re-development of their Piperacillin manufacturing facility located in Carolina, Puerto Rico, which included sprinkler and fire alarm systems installation in Class 10 through Class 10,000 clean rooms.


Bucknell University
January 2000 – August 2003

Mr. LaSalle served as the Lead Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineer for the design of the new Recreation and Athletic Center, which is the new home for all Athletics activities at this Lewisburg, PA institution. The Center includes a 5,000 seat Pavilion, an Olympic-size Natatorium, a fitness center, weight room, fieldhouse, and gymnasium.

University of Pennsylvania
August 1999 – December 2004

Mr. Kimmel served as the Project Manager for a series of projects at this Philadelphia University. These included the complete renovation of historic dormitories, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection system replacements. Mr. Kimmel was directly involved in all phases of design and construction, and managed a team of architects and engineers.


Lehigh University
October 2000 – April 2004

Mr. LaSalle served as the Project Manager for a five year phased project for the design and installation of sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems throughout 50 fraternity, sorority, and dormitory buildings and for academic buildings on campus.


Philadelphia Phillies Citizens Bank Park
March 2001 – May 2004

Mr. LaSalle was the Lead Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineer for the design and construction of the new home of the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball Club – a 43,500 seat ballpark. He was responsible for development of all code compliance strategies, City of Philadelphia approvals, and Fire Protection, Alarm, and Life Safety design. He coordinated the effort to obtain 30 variances from the City.



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