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LaSalle Engineering is a proponent of the use of state-of-the-art calculation methods and modeling techniques in solving both common and unique fire safety problems. Models used in Fire Protection Engineering practice run the gamut from hydraulic analysis software for sprinkler systems and underground piping networks to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software used to model fire and smoke spread in multi-compartment structures.

Hydraulic modeling is an example of a commonly used technique to help solve routine hydraulics problems. These software packages are based on well established hydraulic calculation methods. Fire modeling can include use of hand calculations, single application spreadsheet or software routines, and more complex zone, field, and egress model software. Our philosophy is that these engineering tools must be used by experienced engineers with special attention to the use of the correct model for the problem, model input parameters, model limitations, model uncertainty and factors of safety. Models are a tool, not a substitute for engineering judgment, in solving fire protection problems

LaSalle Engineering has experience in the use of a range of models for analysis, design, and fire investigation purposes. A partial list includes:

  • Detact-QS
  • Detact-T2 ASET
  • Fire Dynamics Simulator
  • FASTLite
  • THE Hydraulic Program
  • Proprietary Spreadsheet Programs for:
    • Fire Alarm Audibility
    • Radiant Heat Exposure
    • Smoke Filling
    • Timed Egress


Mr. LaSalle has experience in litigation support and fire modeling in support of case development. Mr. LaSalle has been deposed as an expert witness in Florida and Pennsylvania, and has supported litigation on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. His areas of expertise and testimony include building and fire codes, systems design and failure analysis, human behavior in fire, fire spread, and systems response.

While litigation support does not currently represent a significant portion of the firm’s portfolio, it remains a service provided to our building owner clients and attorneys.

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