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Our Philosophy

  • To provide comprehensive consulting engineering and design services for defining and implementing owners' building fire and life safety objectives.
  • To assist architects and building owners in meeting minimum code obligations.
  • To provide owners with plans for reducing their loss potential by going beyond the code to address specific risks in the most cost-effective manner.
  • To enhance public safety while designing buildings that meet the functional and aesthetic goals of our clients.
  • To educate our clients about fire and life safety.
  • To employ a scientifically-based approach utilizing the latest available technologies in the development of creative solutions to fire protection and life safety.

Consulting engineering and fire safety systems design are complementary activities in our practice.

Only a thorough understanding of the details of code requirements, building construction, and building operations management can lead to the formulation of engineering recommendations that are logical, integrated, and maintenance-friendly. Our experience in the whole building design process has cultivated a sensitivity to this complex array of issues.

One critical path element of a successful building design and construction project is the establishment of the specific codes, standards, and regulations that will be enforced. We have developed procedures and practices that facilitate the management of all code compliance strategies, building permit requirements, and variance tracking.

Mere code compliance is insufficient to meet the fire protection and life safety objectives of the majority of building owners. A comprehensive engineering-based approach that focuses on life safety, property protection, and operational continuity goals is essential to reducing risk while optimizing the use of valuable resources to meet the special needs of each client.

It is not enough to merely specify the fire safety systems to be provided in order to meet certain prescriptive or performance goals. The integration of fire safety systems with the building architectural features requires a sensitivity to design and an attention to detail. While cultural, historic, and entertainment facilities often present the greatest challenges for such integration, the principles can be used on any project.

A key part of our daily practice is the dissemination of knowledge and information to architects, engineers, and building owners. The ability to communicate effectively and to transfer technical concepts into readily understandable terms is essential to our success as consultants and advisors.

Fire Protection Engineering is a technically complex discipline with an expanding scientific basis and an array of technologically advanced systems. The utilization of the latest available research result and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies will continue to advance these disciplines from art to science. We are dedicated to reducing the gap between knowledge and application throughout our practice.

What makes Fire Protection Engineers different from engineers in other disciplines?

Fire Protection Engineers (FPE) are specially trained through their education and experience to deal with fire and life safety problems in a holistic manner. We focus on our clients’ fire safety objectives and we develop methods to achieve these objectives, which are identified in terms of life safety, property protection, and continuity of operations.

FPEs do more than merely design sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We understand systems design and performance, but we also understand that code requirements are minimum standards that often are inadequate in addressing a building owner’s special needs. We are trained to assess fire hazards and risks, and we focus on the integration of building fire safety systems within the context of the building architecture in a way that meets or exceeds the clients’ needs.

FPEs understand the basis and intent of building and fire code requirements, so when a design challenges the strict requirements of the code we can develop creative performance-based solutions that meet the requirements in a cost-effective manner.

What makes LaSalle Engineering unique compared to our competition?

Prior to starting his own practice, Jeff LaSalle worked in multi-disciplinary engineering firms and spent seven years as the Lead Fire Protection Engineer at a 300 person architecture-engineering firm. Kevin Kimmel has a similar background. This exposure to the daily activities of building design from concept through construction gave us an intimate understanding of the need for coordination and integration of building fire safety systems into the total building design.

Unlike some other consulting fire protection engineers who have worked only in consulting FPE practices, we understand the need for attention to detail in design and how systems maintenance affects long-term reliability in fire protection. It’s easy to specify a system to meet a code obligation, but it requires another level of focus to make sure that the solution is appropriate for the hazard, meets the owner’s objectives, and can be built and maintained so that the systems reliability remains high.

We develop honest, trusting relationships with our clients such that they consider us to be an extension of their staff.

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